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Breuckelen Glorious Gin


70cl / 45% abv

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Brad Estabrooke, founder of the Breuckelen Distilling Company (BD), was a typical Wall Street banker. That is, until he got laid off in December 2008 and decided he’d rather make gin than find another office job. The 31-year-old began working on his Brooklyn distillery in March 2009.

BD first crafted gin in 2010 with one mantra, everything they sell was to be made entirely from scratch at their distillery on 19th Street in Brooklyn. From scratch means they process all of their ingredients themselves, from milling whole grains, making the alcohol, redistilling in the presence of botanicals and then bottling, every step of production occurs in their one room distillery.

They select the ingredients firstly and most importantly from local producers and secondly from organic sources. All of the grains are sourced from NY farms; most are grown by their favourite farmer Thor. Simple and natural is good. So no colouring, additives, extracts, or fancy filtering to alter the spirits. And no marketing mumbo-jumbo about secret botanicals, they are even happy to tell you the ingredients, which are:

Wheat grown in upstate New York, Water, Yeast, Yeast nutrient, Enzymes and a fine selection from Juniper, Lemons, Rosemary, Ginger, and Grapefruits.

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