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Copper Rivet Dockyard Damson Gin 5cl


5cl / 28% abv

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Copper Rivet Distillery site, has an immense historical heritage.

In 1606, the first Union flag was sewn at the site. Lord Admiral Nelson moored his naval fleet at Chatham Docks, including HMS Victory, the first class 104 gun boat. HMS Victory, is best known as Lord Admiral Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Copper Rivet Distillery, are one of less than 5 true grain to glass gin distillers. All grains are grown within 20 miles of the distillery site, the spent grain goes back to the same farms the grains were grown to feed the cattle.

Every single bottle of Dockyard gin is traceable and if you enter the batch code of the bottle onto the CRD website, you can see the fields were the grains were grown.

All of the stills are built by local craftsman, with the exception of the swan neck for the whisky still, and the family sought the expertise from Scotland.

Janet, the gin still is a patented still, and the only still in the world where a double distillation of maceration, and infusion takes place in one still. Copper Rivet is owned by the Russell family, Bob, and his 2 sons Stephen, and Matthew. Along with Abhi Banik, the master distiller. It’s a small family business, creating artisan craft spirits, that are completely natural, as well as the focus being on sustainability.

Tasting notes

Damsons were first introduced to Britain in the Roman times. Early records show they were grown across Medway, and traded by a merchant located in the settlement of Strood, within 5 miles of the distillery, this provenance inspired them to make this Damson Gin.

They distill a special gin with the finest damsons, including their pips, and skin, then rest the juice with the gin in virgin oak barrels. They patiently wait to bottle this delicious Dockyard Damson gin, until the time is right.

Enjoy over ice, or make a long drink with lemonade, garnished with strawberries.

Rich ripe plum fruit with a hint of vanilla on the nose and a warm embrace of jammy sweetness on the palate.

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