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Dornoch Distillery Experimental Highland Gin Batch 4


50cl / 47.5% abv

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Cereal: Organic floor malted Odyssey barley

Yeast(s): Liquid Brewers Yeast

Fermentation: + 168 Hours

Botanicals: Juniper Berries, Angelica Root, Cardamon Seed, Aniseed, Orange Peel, Lime Peel, Coriander Seeds, Meadowsweet, Pine Needles, Orris Root.

Number of Bottles(50cl): 492

Distillers Notes: Batch 4 was created as a very spirit driven Gin, the botanical content is very low; 10 Grams per litre charged! It is somewhere between a Genever and Whisky new make. Works well with Ginger beer Fresh mint & Lime. Also as a chilled sipping spirit.

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