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Gin Bothy Christmas Tasting Gift Set


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Gin Bothy Christmas Tasting Box is the perfect gift for every adult, from the discerning gin drinker to a complete beginner!

1 x 5cl Original Gin 41%

1 x 5cl Gunshot Infused Gin 37.5%

1 x 5cl Merry Berry Infused Gin 20%

1 x 5cl Amaretto Infused Gin 20%

Containing both full strength and liqueur gins, this box provides all that would be needed for a festive celebration. Our gins are known for their “neat” serves, sometimes all that’s needed is a little ice. Or add a tonic, a bit of fizz, and hot ginger ale in the Gunshot Gin for a wee mulled toddy in front of the fire?

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