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Gin Eva Bergamot Gin 70cl


70cl / 45% abv

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In late 2016 they were looking for a citrus farm which grows Yuzu. A very rare citrus fruit, originally from Japan. It is very popular among many great chefs for its unique aroma. They were going to distill a Gin together with German michelin – starred chef Benjamin Peifer, where Yuzu was supposed to be the most important ingredient, besides juniper, of course. The Gin was named after his Restaurant Intense – Gintense.

Luckily they strolled over Franc who grows all kind of citrus fruits on his farm in Valencia. He is specializing in very exotic fruits, like Yuzu, but also grows different types of blood oranges, lime- and kumquats, great clementine varieties, a very interesting cross of lemon and orange, called Meyer lemon and bergamot oranges (citrus bergamia). Last is a hybrid of lime and bitter orange.

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