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Gin Eva Green Spice Gin 70cl


70cl / 45% abv

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The story of this Gin begins in Barcelona, the city of Eva’s birth. In June 2017 they met with Ingo Holland, from the “Altes Gewürtzamt”. A former Michelin- starred chef who is now one of Germany’s most important spice dealers. There is hardly any TV cooking show where you don´t see his green coloured spice cans. Ingo stands for the best in quality and he has an amazing talent for combining flavours. He is also a family friend with his company being located in my father’s home town of Klingenberg in Franconia, Germany.

Together with a Swiss distiller he recently distilled a Gin called GINGO and they must admit that they were eager to start a project with him as well.

They met at Sagardi, a great pintxos place in Barcelona’s El Born district and had a bottle of Txakoli. After a relaxed conversation we left without having talked about Gin!

At home it was bothering they that they hadn’t brought up their idea of making a Gin together, so they emailed him. He instantly answered that he had a great idea for a Gin on the plane on his way home. They started sharing ideas and within two hours they were planning to distil a Gin using only green botanicals.

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