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Gin Sul 50cl


50cl / 43% abv

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A fresh, elegant gin which captures the fragrant aroma of the Costa Vicentina. Inspired by the wild Costa Vicentina, Gin Sul captures the fragrant aroma of the Portuguese coast. Handmade in small, 100 litre batches at the Altona distillery in Hamburg. With citrus notes from fresh, giant, Algarve lemons and the rockrose flower, famous for its fragrant leaves. Then bottled in a distinctive, traditional stoneware bottle. Our founder, Stephan Garbe from Hamburg fell in love with Portugal and was inspired to make a hand-crafted gin using local Portuguese ingredients. At the Altona Distillery, Gin Sul is produced by hand and with great care by Hamburg’s only gin distillery using botanicals from almost 3,000 km away in south-west Portugal. Fresh, selected botanicals, pure water, careful distillation in very small batches. For a classic gin & tonic mix 50ml Gin Sul with a quality tonic water such as Fever-Tree Mediterranean. Served in a balloon glass with a sprig of Rosemary and a large orange peel spiral. Which adds a refreshing zesty orange note to this traditional serve.

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