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Jinzu Gin 70cl


70cl / 41.3% abv

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From the juniper freshness of a British gin, to the zesty yuzu citrus that mellows in delicate hints of cherry blossom flavour, before a distinctly smooth sake finish, Jinzu takes you on a flavour journey from West to East.

The vision for Jinzu is to push the boundaries of gin, becoming the No. 1 gin born in the new millennium. Heritage: Jinzu gin was created by British bartender Dee Davies, inspired by her journey to Japan and a lifelong passion for experimenting with flavours. Ms Davies got the opportunity to develop her drink after she took part in Diageo’s ‘Show Your Spirit’ competition in 2013 and won. The competition aimed to build on the bartender’s experience, unlocking their creativity and potential to co-create a new, innovative product.

Jinzu is the marriage of British gin with the delicate flavours of cherry blossom and yuzu citrus fruit, finished by smooth Japanese sake.

Interesting Facts: Jinzu draws on almost 250 years of distilling expertise to craft a classically British gin with a delicately Japanese twist. Jinzu takes what consumers know very well (gin and Britain) and blends it with Japanese culture.

The drink is produced via distillation in traditional copper pot stills and in a pioneering process is married with a touch of distilled sake for a smooth creamy finish. What is not widely known is that creator, Dee Davies, passionately disliked gin until her friends persuaded her that gin was worth getting to know.

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