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Kirkjuvagr Fjorir Gin 4x5cl


4 x 5cl

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Fjórir is old Norse word for four, which is the number of Orkney Distilling gins you’ll find contained within this special gift box.

It’s a quartet of premium spirits representing the journey taken by our signature Kirkjuvagr Gin and the evolution of Orkney Distilling.

The acclaimed Kirkjuvagr is here, of course, along with its storm-strength version, Arkh-Angell, the summery Harpa and the spicy Aurora.

Each is distinctive in character, yet unmistakably Orcadian in origin.

A voyage through Orkney’s seasons and moods, Fjórir offers something for everyone.

Pack contains 5cl miniatures of the Kirkjuvagr, Aurora, Harpa and Arkh-Angell.

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