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Mey Selections Gin 70cl


70cl / 41.5% abv

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Dunnet Bay Distillers, unsurprisingly, are located in the spectacular bay of Dunnet where the freshest of air and purest of water are in abundance.

Their goal is to create spirits which reflect the Caithness way. Gin is hand distilled slowly, thoughtfully and passionately to create and exceptional product. Rock Rose Gin gets its name from our first botanical forage along the cliffs of the Pentland Firth, where we were introduced to Rhodiola rosea, a rose in the rocks.

Over a thousand years ago, the Vikings would harvest wild exposed cliffs like these to gather Rhodiola rosea. This was thought to give them extra strength to continue on with their long, arduous journeys. The distillers gin uses this ‘Rock Rose’ and a blend of local and traditional botanicals to create a unique taste from the Highlands of Scotland.

Mey Selections gin is distilled using botanicals from within five miles of the Castle of Mey to create a wonderful flavour. One of natures little treats. The botanicals used include sweet cicely, which brings lovely liquorice and aniseed notes the gin, bog myrtle, giving a sweet herbal flavour and finally apple mint which is a slightly sweeter mint to taste. Their bespoke pot still, Elizabeth, has been uniquely designed just to create their spirits, working her magic and producing a floral gin with warmth and depth of flavour.

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