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Old Curiosity Damask Rose Gin 50cl


50cl / 46% abv

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The backbone for the case gin is Juniper and Coriander where the seeds and berries are lightly crushed, Angelica root and also the more subtle flavours of the Angelica beef are used in conjunction with Winter Savory a plant not dissimilar to Rosemary but with more subtle notes. These four botanicals offer a smooth, elegant and light base gin it is to this that we then add the freshly distilled Damask Rose. This is an ancient and true Rose, highly perfumed and prized for its heady aroma for millennia – by distilling the petals fresh you can capture its pure essence, soul, allowing for the most clean and precise rose aroma to be delivered to the palate possible. We also dry the hand harvested petals and use these dried petals to lightly infuse, this then creates a pale golden spirit that once tonic is added turns to the most powerful pink that brings the real colour of the petal back in a liquid form, truly a miracle of nature. On drinking this beautifully balanced and elegant gin you can understand why this Rose stands as a beacon for light, love and beauty – a rare opportunity to allow the palate to rejoice and live in awe of the beauty, power and magnificence of such an amazing flower.

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