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Pilgrim & Galaxy Hop Gin 70cl


70cl / 40% abv

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The story of hops in beer is about as old and convoluted as that of juniper in spirits, and just as delicious.

Although a centuries-long love affair, over the last couple of decades their craft beer mates have been finding increasingly innovative ways to work with hops. Creating new flavours, new beer styles, cultivating new varieties – all attracting a whole new generation of beer lovers.

They have taken the exciting Tasmanian-grown Galaxy hop, a favourite with the most adventurous brewers, and releasing all its peach and passionfruit flavour, have paired it with the more local Pilgrim with its spicy citrus character. Adding a host of contemporary botanicas has allowed them to produce one of their most full-bodied gins.

Galaxy & Pilgrim Hop Gin is great served with tonic or ginger ale garnished with a slice of lemon or orange. The two hops can be brilliantly showcased in a dry martini served with a lemon twist!

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