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Porters Gin 70cl


70cl / 41.5% abv

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Porter’s began by combining their passion for good quality food and drink with the aim of making a premium gin. When Professor Andrew Porter of Aberdeen University sourced a rotary evaporator, an incredible piece of distillation equipment that allowed us to distill at cold temperatures, thier recipe and name came to life.

Their ultimate goal was to create a recipe that tasted better than other gins, that they would be happy to drink over other brands. This proved to be a challenge.

Balancing the flavour of botanicals in gin is an art form. Creating a subtly balanced, attractive flavour requires meticulous attention to detail and a very arduous process of trial and error. They soon became disillusioned with many existing brands who seemed to have skipped this process by sticking to known traditional recipes or by throwing in quirky botanicals simply to give themselves a point of difference.

This led them to years of experiments with distillation techniques and different botanicals from heather and grass to calamus root and sarsaparilla. They stuck to the principal that every botanical should be used for a precise reason.

Interestingly, they discovered the flavour of a single botanical can vary hugely depending on the temperature of distillation, and the way it has been prepared, dried or cut. They decided that their rotary evaporator was perfect for botanicals with lighter, fresher flavours, while the others were better distilled using a traditional copper pot still. The modern cold-distilled part of their gin is made in Aberdeen, Scotland. Despite being a region with a rich heritage of spirits production, they are the first gin distiller in the city for over 100 years. For the traditional part they worked with a UK distillery with over 250 years of experience in making gin, giving us the perfect fusion of old and new, allowing them to respect tradition while innovating.

The result is a superior quality premium gin with a traditional bold juniper body, and a unique, fresh citrus profile.

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