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Sabatini Gin 70cl


70cl / 41.3% abv

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A London Dry Gin with a truly Tuscan soul

Tuscany and superb gin. A love for both. They seem unrelated but they’re actually closely connected. As experts know, the best juniper berries, an essential ingredient in high quality gin, come from Tuscany.

The Sabatini family decided to focus on this connection and make a truly Tuscan gin, here in Teccognano, a small hamlet near Cortona, in the province of Arezzo.

They chose to use not only juniper from the estate but also a selection of botanicals grown on the family property and neighboring farms, thus creating a London Dry Gin that truly represents the terroir.

In 2015, the Sabatini Family (Enrico, Filippo, Niccolò and Ugo) founded Teccognano S.r.l., a family-run company that now has several employees.

“This project comes from the heart, from all four of us. People see that. They understand it” – Niccolò Sabatini CO-FOUNDER

In the name of excellence, the family sought out renowned ginmaker Charles Maxwell, of Thames Distillers. Together with the family, Maxwell oversaw the choice of botanicals to be used, creating a recipe that offers a unique drinking experience reminiscent of Tuscany while still respecting the rules of classical distillation.

Sabatini Gin is not just a small-batch, premium London Dry Gin but the result of a perfect combination of flavors, aromas, associations, and history. It represents a new chapter in the age-old cultural between Tuscany and England.

Nine botanicals of Tuscan origin are present in SABATINI GIN: juniper, coriander, Florentine iris, wild fennel, lavender, olive leaves, thyme, lemon verbena, and sage.

Most of the botanicals are harvested from the properties belonging to the Sabatini family in Teccognano while juniper comes from other areas of the region.

On the nose – A fresh citrusy, floral scent with hints of the Tuscan countryside.

On the palate – Full but not intrusive with a balanced presence of juniper, wild fennel, lemon verbena and thyme.

Final – Persistent and soft with all the botanicals contributing to a sophisticated finish. Botanicals Juniper, Florentine Iris, Coriander, Olive leaves, Sage, Thyme, Lavender, Wild fennel, Lemon verbena

Style – London Dry Gin

Alcohol – 41,3

Perfect Serve – Serve with dry tonic water and a sprig of thyme.

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