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Sabatini Gin0 70cl


70cl / 0% abv

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A nod to responsible drinking

In the name of personal wellbeing, both on a physical and emotional level, the Sabatini Family has extended its line to a new category of consumers, those who want to drink responsibly without sacrificing taste. Drinking a great non-alcoholic cocktail is now possible: with GINO°!

Obtained through a careful process of the infusion of Tuscan botanicals, most of which come from Villa Ugo in Cortona, GINO° represents a new link between Tuscan quality and the Sabatini family’s interest in high-end aperitifs.

Proudly Italian, this beverage is beverage that is capable of satisfying the most demanding palates through its blend of 5 botanicals: sage, thyme, olive leaves, lavender and lemon verbena. The aromatic balance carries the drinker on a sensory journey through the Mediterranean aromas and flavors of our beloved Tuscany.

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