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Schrodingers Katzen Gin 50cl


50cl / 44% abv

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With a lot of passion and sensory intuition, the family company “Heidelberg Spirits” has developed the Schrödinger’s Cat Gin. A London Dry Gin, 44 Vol. %, pot distilled. With classical ingredients like juniper & coriander, as well as kardamom. A lot of citrus thyme, basil, blueberries and kubeben pepper complete the extraordinary taste. Concentrated on 14 botanicals of biological descent. The special ingredient is catmint, a plant that makes cats euphoric, and not just cats. „The next Big Bang Thing –Schrödinger’s Katzen Gin“.

The Schrödinger Cat

Back in 1935 the popular thought experiment “Schrödinger Cat” was published by the physicist Erwin Schrödinger. It is very well known because of the series “Big Bang Theory”. The thought experiment “Schrödinger Cat” introduces you into the fascinating world of quantum physics. It is sometimes described as a paradox. The scenario presents a cat that may be simultaneously alive and dead. Without interaction with the outside world, caught in the box, the Schrödinger Cat stays in an ambiguous state. Alive or dead, we don’t know it. But one thing is sure: the Schrödinger Cat is obviously alive in form of the Gin. The experiment has succeeded, probability has triumphed and the Schrödinger Cat Gin is in the world.

The Origin

When impossible things & probability clash, you need solutions. Petra Spamer-Riether, natural chemist & spirit explorer, discovered these solutions. The Schrödinger Cat Gin, developed from a thought experiment into a premium spirit. “Everything has the same probability until somebody has the audacity to do it, this was always my idea behind creating the Schrödinger Cat Gin”.

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