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Strane Merchant Strength Gin 50cl


50cl / 47.4% abv

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Having handcrafted three differently balanced gins – junipery, citrusy and herbal – in very small batches of only around 45 litres of uncut still strength gin, they, as whisky people have it at the heart of the making of Strane’s glorious character that they shall create the final character through blending. In other words, they blend – or mix – the three different gins to make up the final character. The proportions are crucially important to get right, as even a slight change of the will inevitably lead to a change in final character. Striking the balance is not straightforward, but through blending by their master blender Pär Caldenby, they can maximize quality and character for each batch.

The blending process also gives the opportunity to create quite differently faceted gins, even when using only the very same three base gins. Hence, the family of three gins is not simply differing in their alcoholic strength, but also in their respective composition. It shall also be noted that a certain proportion that works very well at one strength, may perhaps not be quite as stellar at a different strength. Thus, in order for our different Strane gins to be fully appreciable in their very natural state, naked and in a nosing glass at room temperature, they have created three different vattings, or set proportions; and where one batch deviates from the desired final character, they can always adjust the proportions slightly, to re-balance it. Quality, again.

This is not gin made the industrial or somewhat easy way. But it is gin made to the very highest of standards. And we do believe you will find your favourite with one of our presentations.

Incidentally, they do get a lot of questions regarding what we use in order to make Strane so characterful and good, yet balanced. Apart from the aforementioned very small whisky pot still and the blending process, the gins are taking on the following botanicals: juniper berries, coriander seeds, lemon rind and flesh, lime rind, almonds, basil, garden mint, sage, cinnamon bark, liquorice root and then two further botanicals that they shall keep secret for now, one being very local and one very exotic to their Northerly home and both very typical of the ancient trade of the armed merchant ships… strane_bottle.

Strane Merchant Strength

This is the standard offering, at a hearty 47,4 % alc/vol and bristling with character, it emphasizes the smoothness that the high copper contact in their tiny whisky pot still offers to the spirit, while also providing sincere depth and strength of character, led by juniper, coriander seeds and the herbal contents, in particular mint.

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